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Photo:  Bill Hebert

Press Quotes:

…the gap between the audience age or level of appreciation for modern dance, choreographer Diane Sharp-Nachsin abridged it, capturing the free-form movements of concertgoers, but with an exciting, contemporary edge.”-

Nicole Finkbinder Philadelphia Weekly

“ seemed like there were more than just six dancers thanks to Sharp’s adept use of canons and different levels”-

Kat Richter

“SHARP Dance Company is quickly becoming recognized for their combination of inspired artistry, imagination capturing “stories of performance” and the discipline required of such performance mastery.”  Barry Livingstone ArtSpider Arts Scene, New Hampshire

We had the opportunity to work with Sharp Dance Company when they brought a charitable performance of their piece 669 to Pittsburgh. The company was incredibly kind and easy to work with – they came in knowing what they wanted and needed from us, which made the day go by quickly. The product they put forth was top notch. We can’t wait to have them back in Pittsburgh!”  Christa Burneff Presenter of the Hillman Center

Pieces of U.........confronted the pains of discrimination through dance, multimedia, and prop.  The piece generated an uncomfortable and uneasy sensation, which was completely effective” 
Kathleen Glynn, The Dance Journal Philadelphia

“SHARP’s performance has emerged as a center piece of the Philly Fringe” -

Lewis Whittington, Edge Philadelphia

“... the work tackles some weighty themes uncommon to the dance stage” –
Lewis Whittington, Edge Philadelphia

“…clean modern dance movement with a strong technique” –
Jane Vranish, Post Gazette Pittsburgh

“…expect a roller-coaster ride of emotions and life experiences” –
Denise N. Lewis, City Paper Pittsburgh

The Mission

The mission of SHARP Dance Company is to connect people and communities to raw human emotion by presenting story-driven movement that is inspired by socially conscious issues.

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SHARP is a seventeen year old 501C-3 modern company and its theory of “meaning behind movement” is shown prominently throughout their work.  SHARP feels that dance should be more than a performance, it should be an experience.

SHARP has performed throughout the U.S. in cities such as:  New York, Rochester, Phoenix, Chicago, Cincinnati, Portland, Boulder, San Diego, Brooklyn, Portsmouth etc.  SHARP has toured throughout Europe in Italy, England and Greece.

Artistic Director/Choreographer Diane Sharp-Nachsin was selected as a New Edge Mix Artist Award Recipient in Philadelphia. She was also chosen as a BAU Institute fellow in Italy and an Artist in Residence recipient in Paros, Greece.


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